Blog has been moved

I must say I am impressed with the layout and possibilities you have when blogging here at WordPress. However, my main reason to blog, is to share and get feedback on my pictures. The Image Carousel is in practice the only way to present your pictures. You could of course disable it, but then the contemplator would have to open each image separately. The Image Carousel, also known as Photo Carousel or Image Gallery, unfortunately lower the image quality. This is more pronounced in landscapes than close-ups, and you see the difference when you compare the Full Size view to the view directly from the Image Carousel. For me, when showing off my pictures is why I am blogging, this is unacceptable. Therefore I have moved my Blog to

I hope that WordPress will look into this issue, cause as I said, everything else is great. Can not be that difficult – Facebook has a similar viewer which seems to work OK.

– Bjarte