Flowers, flowers, flowers

We are starting to get some temperatures that seem like summer. Late spring, pre-summer is a nice time of the year. Green grass and leaves, and colourful flowers. Here are some of my flower pictures. Unfortunately I do not know some of their names. If you do, leave  a reply and let me know.


Colours of the Sky

It is kind of a clichè – I know, pictures of the sunset. Still, I think most people find them beautiful.  But why does the sky turn orange?

Molecules and small particles in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays, causing them to scatter, which affects the colour of the light. The wavelength of the light, and the size and  amount of molecules the light has to pass through, determines the colour. The short wavelength colours blue and violet are scattered in the air much more than other colours, hence the sky appears blue. However, at sunset and sunrise, the sun is low on the horizon, and the light has to pass through more air, which also means more molecules to scatter the light. The result is that the blue and violet light is scattered out of your sight, while the other colours with longer wavelength brakes through the atmosphere and find their way to your eyes. This is why sunsets may appear yellow, orange and/or red.

Here are some other colourful pictures

Colourful Sky

Photo Walkabout in Bergen

A couple of weeks back, a local photo shop – Japan Photo – arranged a Photo Walkabout in Bergen. We started at Nøstet, and walked towards Nordnes. We walked back through town, and ended up at the train station.

Later we could edit the pictures to our liking, and submit them to participate in a photo contest. Unfortunately, I did not get among the top three.

You will find the rest of the pictures from the walkabout  in the gallery section – Japhan Photo Walkabout.

Basics of Photography

Are you new to Photography? Or maybe you are just wondering what the different terms and expressions mean, like Aperture, f-numbers, focal length, shutter speed and ISO Speed? I have put together a brief summary describing these expressions, and what happens when you change them.

Photography in General

If you are interested in shooting macros, you may find this page useful: